The Lydia

Location: Lydia Street, Guadalupe Neighborhood
Size: 600 sf, one-bedroom/one-bathroom
Designer: University of Texas School of Architecture students
Budget: $80,000 + in-kind donations
Level of Affordability: 30% MFI, S.M.A.R.T. housing certified
Design Feature: rain barrels, low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants, natural concrete stain, spray foam insulation, reflective metal roof, high performance windows, durable terra cotta rain screen, Austin Energy Green Building Program Five Star Rating

The second Alley Flat was completed in August 2009 on Lydia Street. The property is one of many rental properties owned by the Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation. Saldana Homes, a local home builder, and University of Texas students collaborated to complete the construction. The home is a true “granny flat,” since it was designed for the elderly grand mother of the family living in the primary house. The design Is fully accessible for mobility impairments and earned a five star rating from the Austin’s Green Building Program.